No hassle video meetings. Free & Easy.

Joining a video conference is as easy as just opening a link.
No need to install any apps and no need to download anything. Your browser is enough to host and join fully featured meetings

Hosting and joining a meeting is just a peaceful easy experience.

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Use any device with browser

Your guests can join online video meetings from their laptops and mobile devices using any modern web browser without installing any software.

Just share your forest meeting link with them, and all they need to is follow the link and join the room without additional software requirements.

Forest Meeting utilizes the powers of the modern browsers and let's your guests join without installing new software. Therefore, they don't end up installing so many applications for just having video conferences with different people.

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Connect from anywhere.

Join a Forest Meeting room anywhere where you have Internet and a browser. Even with low-bandwith connections, you can join from anywhere and have conversations.

You can share your screen, presentations and collaborate online without bounds. And even live stream meetings to many many more people.

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Connect safely

Forest Meeting puts a great effort to make the video meeting experience safe and secure. Video conferences are encrypted in transit. Since there is no additional software to install, you don't need to worry about bugs and security fixes.

All rooms are safe by default. You control who can join the room and only people approved are allowed.

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Easy video calls

Connect with family, friends and colleagues. You can easily present documents, slides, and spreadsheets by showing your entire screen or just a window or application.

Forest Meeting adapts to your network speed, ensuring high quality video calls wherever you are while trying to reduce the noise coming your surroundings aren’t.

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